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Rudolph Bento

rudolph bento
I can't believe it's almost Christmas! I realised that if I didn't get my act together it would be too late for a Christmas-themed bento, so I dug through my bento stash and leftover rice to see what I could make. I ended up choosing Rudolph. His head and legs are made out of mushroom and soya sauce fried rice, and his antlers and body are made out of teriyaki chicken meatballs. He has a cherry tomato nose, and surrounding (and underneath) him is a simple display of grapes and cherries, and some sugarsnap peas.

I've also posted a step-by-step guide on how to make Rudolph at Cloud9Food.

Fraternal Twin Pigs

monokuro boo bento
I'd taken a little break from kyaraben, but this week's theme sparked my interest, and I suddenly thought of Monokuro Boo... I love these square little monochromatic pigs, and I figure I can pretend they are fraternal twins... so, here they are...

There are two Monokuro Boo onigiri with salmon flakes inside, and they are surrounded by a colourful garden of carrot, cheese and egg flowers, edamame, cherry tomatoes, broccoli and ham and egg rolls. I'll be posting up a tutorial on how I made this bento on my blog soon, and I'll update this entry with a link when the tutorial is done.

Egg n Rice Cubes

rice and tamagoyaki cubes bento
I've been buying a lot of fish lately, so my bento have also all been rather fishy. Today's bento contains pan-fried salted salmon, stir-fried sweet peppers and edamame. I dressed the bento up a little with tamagoyaki pieces and rice cubes. The rice cubes are topped with some baby sardines and black sesame seeds.

A Three Bento Day

Today I visited a friend who is currently a little housebound, and brought two bento with me so we could eat lunch together. She's a fan of Precious Moments, so I got her a pink Precious Moments bento box as a present. Instead of keeping the box though, she asked me to return with it another day, with another bento lunch! I took that as meaning she enjoyed it :)

The bento contains asparagus wrapped with bacon, pan-fried yellowtail fish, cherry tomatoes, stir-fried beansprouts and mushrooms, and tamagoyaki. My one (in the white box) is a little less pretty, as it was the third bento packed (the first bento was for my friend, then my husband, and I got the leftovers)!

Salted Salmon Bento

salted salmon bento
I was happily packing the 1st tier of my bento with pan-fried salted salmon, tamagoyaki, mushrooms, edamame and teriyaki chicken meatballs...then I got to the 2nd tier, and thought I'd shape the rice into stars. Then I realised I didn't have anything else to put around the rice except for extra edamame! Hence the odd looking star-shaped rice towers hovering by themselves... :P This was just bad planning on my part!

Spicy Chicken & Cabbage Salad Bento

chicken cabbage salad bento
I had leftover roast chicken and cabbage sitting in the fridge, so I decided to make a sort of Vietnamese/Thai-style chicken and cabbage salad for today's bento. I added some glass noodles to the salad to make it a little more filling, and used leftover baby corn to decorate the top. A good thing about salads like this is that it's relatively healthy, as it doesn't include fattening/creamy salad dressing. Yet another good point about this bento is that it can all be prepared the night before!

I also packed two mini apples I found in the supermarket the other day, as well as a little container with crushed peanuts to pour over the salad before eating. I've posted up the recipe for the salad on Cloud9Food.

Tonkatsu Bento

frog bento
I packed some leftover tonkatsu in today's bento, on top of a bed of shredded raw cabbage and baby corn. There's some spicy tomato sauce in the container to eat with the tonkatsu, as well as some sesame salad dressing for the cabbage in another container (not pictured).

In the other tier, there's rice with furikake, and some zucchini stir-fried in sesame oil and soya sauce. The zucchini ended up such a dull and sad colour that I felt compelled to pop it into a flower container to brighten it up.

Another wrap bento over the weekend...Collapse )

Grilled Lamb Wraps

lamb wrap bento
My leftovers from last night's grilled lamb and roast potato dinner - I made some wraps filled with lamb, tahini, spicy tomato sauce and rocket leaves. Accompanying the lamb wraps are some roasted red and yellow peppers, as well as the leftover potatoes, broccoli, and some blackberries.

Maki Bento

birthday maki bento
Yesterday was my birthday, and for some reason, I ended up spending part of the morning making bento... My efforts paid off later in the day when we enjoyed a lovely picnic outdoors.

I wanted to prepare something a little special, but I didn't want to spend too long on it, so I ended up making large maki rolls containing (real) crab meat, prawns, avocado, egg, cucumber and kewpie mayo. Surrounding the rolls are edamame and the 3rd tier contains sliced apples, kiwi and blueberries.

California Soba Bento

soba bento
Today's bento looks very yellow-green...and once again, I have noodles...this time it's a soba salad I named California Soba Salad, because I added cucumber, avocado and crabsticks (ie. ingredients often included in a California roll). The second tier contains edamame, blueberries and chopped kiwifruit. The little rabbit container has extra sauce for the soba, and there's some shredded nori in a little packet under the lid to shake over the soba just before eating.

I've posted the recipe for the soba salad at Cloud9Food but it is really very simple - basically I just chopped all the ingredients up and mixed it with the cooked soba noodles.